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Planning, Permits & Codes

The Planning Department plans, organizes and coordinates all planning activities for the Town, including developing and implementing land use policies and procedures. This includes reviewing permit applications, conducting historic design, shoreline and critical area reviews. The Town's planning functions are staffed by:

John Doyle, Planning Director
Lori Clumpner, Planning Assistant

Mr. Doyle's office is located in Town Hall and he can be reached at (360) 466-3125 or by email:

Building Permits

Building permits for projects within the Town limits of La Conner must start with the Town of La Conner Planning Department. The Planning Director will review the application for completeness and compliance with the Town's Uniform Development Code. Depending on the project location, other permits and/or approvals might be necessary.  For example, projects within 200 feet of the Swinomish Channel may require a Shoreline Master Program Substantial Development Permit. Or projects within the Historic Preservation District must undergo Historic Design Review. The approval authority may reside with the Planning Director, Planning Commission, Hearing Examiner, or the Town Council.

In addition to the permits and approvals from the Town of La Conner, an applicant may be required to obtain a building permit from the Skagit County Planning and Permit Center for any building permits requiring structural or mechanical review and inspection for compliance with the International Building Codes.

For projects requiring review and approval by the Town of La Conner AND Skagit County, the review may be done concurrently. Concurrent review requires:

  • Submitting all materials to the Town of La Conner first to determine completeness of the application.
  • When the application is deemed complete, two copies of the plans will be stamped by the Planning Director as draft.
  • A letter noting the concurrent review process will be given to the applicant with the two sets of stamped plans to convey to Skagit County Planning and Permit Center for plan review.
  • Skagit County will not issue any project permits until the applicant has received approval and a Certificate of Authorization to proceed with the project.
  • Skagit County permits will be issued noting any conditions identified in the Certificate of Authorization.

Planning to Renovate or Develop?

If you are about to develop or renovate property in La Conner and/or in La Conner's Historic Preservation District, contact our Planning Department to become familiar with our requirements and with the fees associated with permit processes.

The following flow charts will help you understand our processes and procedures. Click on these links for the downloadable flow charts and permit processing forms as well as our permit fee schedule.

Permit Process Flowcharts:

Building Permit Process-
Type I and II Permit Process Flowchart-Planning Director

Type III Permit Process Flowchart, Planning Commission

Type IV Combined Planning Commission/Hearing Examiner Environmental Review Process

Type IV Permit Process Flow Chart, Hearing Examiner

Type V Permit Process Flowchart, Town Council

Planning Documents

Comprehensive Plan
The La Conner Comprehensive Plan is compliant with the Growth Management Act and was updated in 2005 with the following elements:

Shoreline Master Program

The Town recently completed a comprehensive update of our La Conner Shoreline Master Program (SMP). To download the chapters and appendices please click on the following links:

Parks and Recreation Plan

In 2006, the Town adopted the Parks and Recreation Plan as an element of grant funding requests to the Interagency Committee on Outdoor Recreation (IAC). The Town will continue to update and improve the plan for waterfront and recreational development. To download a copy of the current 2013 Park Plan click here.

Floodplain Management:

FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate form

Flood Awareness Information:

La Conner Flood Emergency Response Plan

2016 Capital Facilities Plan

The Capital Facilities Plan for La Conner identifies all capital projects proposed for the next six-year period.  This plan is updated annually, and includes projects for town buildings and utilities.

Town of La Conner Climate Change Action Plan

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